ULSAGROUP is oriented to provide integral logistic solutions for foreign trade, offering maritime, air and ground transportation services.

To fit your needs and the characteristics of your cargo contact us, our experts will find you the best options. Our global network of agents allows us to optimize logistics management to the maximum and achieve excellence and flexibility according to the needs of your company, allowing you to concentrate on the main line of your business.

Our experience has lead us to achieve efficiency in all the logistics services provided to our clients, satisfying and contemplating their needs in a personalized way; for which we focus on analyzing the best alternatives and providing added value in their foreign trade businesses, backed by highly trained personnel with experience in the field. We have a technological platform that allows us to provide the best customer service.



To continue being the leader in National and International market, providing confidence and security; which allows us to have an excellent regional and global position to deliver only the best services to our customers.


We focus on being the best ally for our clients, through professionalism, innovation and commitment; for the realization of the best transactions in foreign trade.

To offer a wide range of services covering solutions from consultancy and advice, to competitive international transport rates, with the seal of ULSAGROUP; always obtaining the satisfaction of our customers.


It is the essential value of ULSAGROUP to be the best specialists in foreign trade business, providing an excellent added value, which makes it unique in the market. Become strategic partners of our suppliers and customers, generating partnerships with partners locally and internationally.

We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and key partners, by staying at the forefront of foreign trade business.

To train ourselves permanently in the efficiency of the transport and logistics chain, proactively redesigning ourselves with our clients, in order to stimulate security in our foreign trade services and international physical distribution.


Our team consists of experts in foreign trade, international transport logistics and cross-docking services: shipping, various types of cargo, customs clearance, local and international transport, storage among other areas of expertise.

We value training and integral development of our human resources, encouraging their professional and personal growth.

We carry out integration activities that allow us to enrich every member of our team with the knowledge of their own area as well as other sectors.

The attraction, retention and development of our team and talents, demand us special attention and care through the human resources best practices.

Know our history. A brief summary of the most important events that managed to position ULSA as a leading company in the market.


The company is inaugurated.


The company moves to the heart of Ciudad Vieja, near Montevideo's harbour.


The growth of the company leads to the move to the Plaza Mayor Building in the heart of Plaza Independencia.


International expansion of the company; the office in Asunción del Paraguay is inaugurated.